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2017-18 Community Partnerships

This program supports grants that enhance learning through community partnerships and targeted funding opportunities that extend CEF’s efforts in art, music, technology and other vital areas to bolster educational support services and enrich educational programming. The Foundation aims to fund proposals that develop and sustain valuable links with nonprofit organizations that share our commitment to support CUSD students and families. Proposals should be well-articulated with identifiable goals and a clear vision for collaborative education partnership(s) between nonprofit organizations and teachers, school sites, District sponsored programs, or the general Claremont community. The Request for Proposals will be posted in spring 2018 for projects intended to start in fall 2018.).

2017-18 Community Partnership Grants

Claremont After School Program: Enriching Student Learning Through Art ($2,000)

Claremont After Schools Program (CLASP) will expand its enrichment and recreation activities to include regular, supervised art lessons at all five CLASP sites. This project will provide staff time to plan, implement and evaluate 25 weeks of art activities. Students will gain confidence and academic skills through integrated art lessons that are designed intentionally and delivered effectively to improve students’ language arts and math skills, social skills, and creativity.

Claremont Heritage: Third Grade Local History Program ($2,000)

Claremont Heritage continues to refine and improve its third-grade local history program. The three-part program supplements Claremont history units and begins with classroom visits to every third grader in the District to learn history with the help of an Education Trunk full of interactive visuals. Part two takes students on a bus tour of landmarks in Claremont. The program culminates in art projects as students express what they have learned. These projects will be displayed in the Ginger Elliott Exhibition Center in spring 2018.

Claremont Museum of Art: AfterArts and ArtShare ($2,000)

Claremont Museum of Art’s AfterARTS program will serve a broad range of students in after-school care across the District. This award will fund the training of Claremont High School students to develop and execute monthly art-making workshops at each of the seven elementary school sites. To expand its regular training and preparation of high school students, CMA will create an ArtShare series, to invite teams of teachers from school faculties chosen by the Superintendent’s Office to experience the new Claremont Museum of Art, learn Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) from Project staff, and take part in a convening/share out of arts lessons with members of Project ARTstART.

Inland Valley Repertory Theatre: Reader’s Theatre ($2,000)

Partnering with El Roble, Inland Valley Repertory Theatre (IVRT) will engage 7th and 8th graders in reader’s theatre strategies to help literature come alive. This language arts enrichment program develops a range of academic competencies through interactive engagement with literary texts. Additionally, novice students will be empowered to connect meaningfully with more experienced student mentors and to build relationships with performing artists, while preparing for a production of The Great Gatsby.

Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden ($1,920)

In partnership with the Workability program at CHS, Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden’s Grow Our Future program provides worksite training for high school students with disabilities, addressing the need to help youth transition from secondary school to the workforce. This structured, 10-week program directly benefits an often underserved population as students learn horticulture skills in a functioning nursery. The program will continue to emphasize outreach to potential employers to increase opportunities for program participants beyond high school.

2017-18 Community Partners