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Board Member Spotlight: Sabrina Ho

An ongoing feature to highlight the work of our volunteers and inspire others to support and join the Claremont Educational Foundation.

How did you come to serve on the CEF Board?

I saw the work that CEF was doing as a teacher and knew how important the funds were to our programs like music and art which I was very involved in. Jennifer Rachford was on the CEF board at the time and had a child in my class and she encouraged me to join and I soon got involved in events.

What are your proudest accomplishments in CEF?

My first event as events chair was the 25th Anniversary at Padua. Bob Fass was President at the time and said “we’re having a little party…” which was a bit of an understatement but event planning is a strength of mine. The gala was really neat to celebrate the successes of the growth of this grass roots organization over 25 years.

Recently I’m very proud of the Chocolate Walk which has become a signature event for CEF. In less than two years it has become a 700 person sell out event and bringing that to life is one of my sources of pride. It really fit our needs for a community based, family friendly event.

What is your personal experience with the impact CEF has had on our schools and kids?

As a teacher I see the music and art programs that we fund at the elementary school level and that they wouldn’t exist without CEF dollars. On a personal level one of my sons is really involved in music and performing arts and I really believe that the love he has for it grew out of the music classes he took with Donna Marie Minano where he learned so much and started to look outside of school for other opportunities. I know that as both a mom and teacher hearing the kids cheer when they are told it’s time for music or art makes me feel really good about the work CEF is doing.

In Her Words: What excites you about the future of CEF?

CEF Board Member of the Month Sabrina Ho