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Board Member Spotlight – Dianna Graves2019-02-24T11:29:23+00:00

Board Member Spotlight: Dianna Graves

An ongoing feature to highlight the work of our volunteers and inspire others to support and join the Claremont Educational Foundation.

How did you come to serve on the CEF Board?

I choose to serve on the CEF Board because I think it’s important for people to get involved in strengthening our community, and I think enriching the educational experiences of our children matters.

What are your proudest accomplishments in CEF?

I am proud that our Board is comprised of volunteers, and it’s been really great to see people collaborate to pull off events that draw us together for the good of our kids.

What is your personal experience with the impact CEF has had on our schools and kids?

I’ve seen first hand what our grant money can fund—projects and programs that bring academics to life, and challenge students to consider new ways of thinking and learning.

CEF Board Member of the Month Dianna Graves