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Board Member Spotlight: Julia Zuker-Brunzell

An ongoing feature to highlight the work of our volunteers and inspire others to support and join the Claremont Educational Foundation.

Why did you choose to serve on the CEF Board? Why did you volunteer?

I heard there was a need for a Prius Chair and I wanted to make a contribution to the community- especially if it benefits our Claremont schools. 

What are your proudest accomplishments in CEF?

I chaired the Prius raffle for 5 years and currently chair the Community Events committee. 

What are your proudest moments/contributions through CEF?

There have been moments when we were not sure we would make our fundraising goal on the raffle but through hard work we reached our target. The board works really hard to make sure we cross that finish line- and we always do! 

What personal CEF experiences/impacts with the schools and students have you seen?

I have witnessed firsthand the benefits of our fundraising that provide teachers with innovation grants. To see them carry out their projects with support provided by CEF has been gratifying. 

What excites you about the future of CEF?

One of thing that excites me most is developing events that give back to our community – similar to the Bill Nye community screening. Events like these enrich our educational offerings and at the same time raise awareness of CEF and our mission.

In Her Words:

CEF Board Member Profile Julia Zuker-Brunzell