Frequently Asked Questions of CEF

Claremont Educational Foundation is a local non-profit educational foundation devoted to raising money for all Claremont Unified School District (CUSD) schools. CEF collaborates with the school district and the community to assist in providing all students the best education possible. CEF is the district and school’s primary partner in providing support and enrichment opportunities that help every student receive an impactful and achievement-filled education from CUSD. We distribute funds to each school throughout the district with a focus on art, music and technology enhancements.
CEF is a non-profit educational foundation run by a group of board members including dedicated parent volunteers with professional expertise in a variety of areas, including education, finance, development, business, the law, and marketing. CEF employs two part-time staff members – Director of Development, Liz Weigand, and Administrative Assistant, Brianna Miller. Please feel free to submit questions for the board by sending an email to info@claremonteducationalfoundation.org
CEF’s goal for the 2017-2018 academic year campaign is to raise the funds needed to support critical art, and music programs, along with technological improvements in all Claremont schools. CEF plans to raise $200,000 for the Claremont Unified School District. In addition to our primary grant to the district, CEF looks forward to continuing our offering of $10,000 in teacher innovation grants, another $10,000 in community partner grants and scholarships for SLICE of Summer classes.
Community contributions to CEF are instrumental to preserving an exceptional Claremont Unified School District education. CEF provides flexible funding that school principals can spend at their schools for art and music programs and technology not otherwise provided by the district.
CEF and PFA are both crucial parts of the funding mix that the district must assemble every year to keep CUSD schools strong. CEF is committed to an equitable distribution of funds across CUSD per school level, so that all students benefit. CEF supports program focused on art and music at the elementary level that would otherwise not be available without the additional funding. In addition, CEF gifts hardware and software to individual school sites offering additional support for the district’s Common Core commitment.

The PFA supports materials, programs and events at individual school sites. PFA funds such things as classroom enrichment and supplies, school site improvements, playground equipment, student scholarships for field trips, and site-specific programs such as assemblies and parent-run community-building activities.

Since CEF provides an equitable disbursement of funds across district schools per level (elementary, middle and high school), all students benefit. CEF supplements each school’s district funding for key enrichment programs and technology needed to accommodate new Common Core curricular requirements.
Each semester, CEF solicits applications from teachers for the Innovation Grant program, which supports creative projects that engage students in high-impact learning opportunities. The focus of the grants is innovation, offering teachers and principals the opportunity and incentive to experiment with promising new ideas. The grant proposals ideally align with CEF’s areas of focus – art, music and technology.
CEF is the primary sponsor of the SLICE program. All coordination and administration of the SLICE program is under direct supervision of the CEF board. The SLICE summer program continues to address a need in Claremont by providing courses specifically designed to support enrichment, remediation and advancement. Due to CEF’s commitment to the district’s education priorities, no student is turned away from a SLICE class based upon ability to pay. Scholarships are made possible through critical community and business partner CEF donations.
The local business community is instrumental to CEF’s successful annual gifting. Annually, over 40 businesses and professionals contributed over $100,000 in gifts and in-kind donations. If you are interested in learning more about the Business Partner program, please come to the CEF table or visit our website www.claremonteducationalfoundation.org