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Camp Galileo Claremont!

The Claremont Educational Foundation is excited to continue our partnership with Camp Galileo for a third exciting summer at Condit Elementary!

Galileo Innovation Camps for Pre-K – 5th Graders: Enrollment is Now Open!

At Camp Galileo, students entering pre-K through 5th grade find the perfect mix of summer camp fun and hands-on learning with engaging artwork, inventive science projects and energizing outdoor activities. Each week is organized around a different theme with projects carefully designed for every age group.

Don’t stress if your summer plans change. You can transfer your chosen weeks, themes or majors until the Friday before your week of camp for absolutely no charge. Optional extended care and healthy lunch. Learn more at Galileo’s website or 800-854-3684.

Camp for All!

We believe in camp—and innovation—for all kids. Galileo awards thousands of weeks of specially priced summer camp through their financial assistance program every year. To apply for a Camp Galileo scholarship, visit Scholarships will be awarded at the end of each month, while space lasts.

2019 Summer Camp Schedule

June 24 – June 28
Makers Workshop

July 1 – July 5
Deep Ocean Explorers

July 8 – July 12
Expedition to Everest

July 15 – July 19
Renaissance Adventure

July 22 – July 26
Makers Workshop

July 29 – August 2
Deep Ocean Explorers

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Session Descriptions

Renaissance Adventure

Take an epic journey back in time to the workshops of Renaissance Italy. Create realistically rendered portraits, ornately embellished attire or pamphlets printed from etched wooden text blocks. Draw inspiration from da Vinci’s inventions as you engineer submarines, cranes, flying machines or automata. Escape from the Dark Ages and get ready to innovate on a rollicking Renaissance adventure.

Art: Shed some light on Renaissance art, honing your line-drawing and stenciling skills to create dazzling illuminated letters. Craft textured, etched-foam stamps, then practice printmaking as you use them to adorn the border of your own wearable cloak.

Science: Explore the ups and downs of invention as you experiment with mass and density to build a neutrally buoyant submarine. Be inspired by da Vinci’s plans for an ideal city, teaming up with your fellow engineers to construct a sprawling system of raised roadways.

Outdoors: Turn the outdoors into an open-air workshop as you collaborate with your team to form a group hoop sculpture masterpiece. Trek from one side of the kingdom to the other without getting tagged by a swiftly expanding human wall. Trek from one city state to the other without getting tagged by a swiftly expanding human wall.

Art: Come face to face with the art of self-portraiture as you practice observation, color mixing and drawing proportional features for your own Renaissance portrait. Craft a fancy fabric-covered hat complete with etched filigree designs and decorative foam feathers.

Science: Reach innovative new heights. Design a crane using cranks, counterweights and a reverse-engineered, da Vinci-style winch to lift a heavy load. Collaborate with your team to build a sturdy revolving bridge designed to swing across a body of water.

Outdoors: Bring the Renaissance to life as you transform into shape-shifting pieces of art in a sly game of Sneaky Statues. Take your inventor’s ingenuity on the go, working together with your fellow Stars to travel across a bridgeless river.

Art: Print a pamphlet with a moving message. Learn about movable type and Gutenberg’s press as you use wood text blocks to produce an enduring statement. Practice the printmaking skill of linocutting to create images that enhance your words.

Science: Become a Renaissance machine maker as you engineer a da Vinci-inspired automaton. Learn about rotational and linear motion, then build a cam, cam follower and crankshaft to power unique scenes and characters that move in sequence with the turn of a crank.

Outdoors: Move outdoors and up in the ranks as you choose poses that set you apart and help you advance from apprentice to master. Work as a team of Renaissance artists to create a commissioned portrait using an unusual, unwieldy drawing device.

Makers Workshop

Make everything you need—or could ever imagine—with your own two hands. Give your room a DIY redesign with stools, clocks or door hangings of your own creation. Build useful inventions to take home like vacuums, handcarts or alarm-wired safes. Harness your innovative energy and join the marvelous maker community as you transform intriguing ideas into fun, functional reality.

Art: Outfit your space in artistic style. Create a personalized, patterned door hanging from custom crayon rubbings, stencils and beads. Learn how to transform fabrics with everyday materials as you use colored tissue paper and water to dye your own nightshirt.

Science: Make a home sweet home for the great outdoors as you construct and test a life-sized tent supported by sturdy beams. Engineer a handcart complete with strong handles, well-aligned wheels and roomy storage compartments to tote home the week’s projects.

Outdoors: Put your making skills to the musical test by forming a team to create a human xylophone that plays fun, silly sounds. Work together with your team to rescue a treasure trove of DIY supplies guarded by a grumpy pirate.

Art: Make dazzling décor for your room. Design, draw and cut out an animal silhouette to adorn the shade of a seasonally themed night light. Create a cardboard stool you can really sit on with a hand-printed fabric seat, pattern-painted frame and decorative trim.

Science: Engineer a pair of powerful picker-uppers. Explore the concept of friction as you make a hinged grabber that can clasp and carry a variety of objects. Learn the basics of circuitry and suction, then build and wire a working vacuum cleaner outfitted with a motor, canister and filter.

Outdoors: Have some hands-on fun as you pair up to invent a handshake for your secret maker society. Get inspired from the top of your head to the tips of your toes, collaborating with your fellow Stars to create shapes and letters with your bodies.

Art: Create art that keeps perfect time. Brainstorm and sketch ideas for an inventive, character-inspired clock, complete with a detailed painted background. Assemble your clock mechanism and use advanced shading techniques to transform your design into a ticking, textured reality.

Science: Lock down your desktop security with a safe only you can open. Engineer a safe box, combination lock and lock plate, incorporating personalized clues as you build. Use simple circuits and a seesaw mechanism to carefully create and calibrate your safe’s alarm.

Outdoors: Tinker with a traditional game of catch by adding some improvisation, reimagining the ball as a range of silly objects you can to toss to other players. Turn your inventive ideas into outdoor fun as you make up a brand-new game for your team to play.

Expedition to Everest

Embark on an exhilarating adventure to the earth’s highest peak. Create tactile art inspired by the crafts and culture of Nepal and Tibet. Explore the science of scaling mountains as you make blizzard shelters, self-arrest tools or rescue robots designed to keep climbers safe. Pack your bags, plot your route and prepare to reach innovative new heights on the climb of a lifetime.

Art: Get inspired by the elephants of the Chitwan Elephant Festival to create a richly textured, brightly painted pachyderm puppet. Explore the mindful meaning of concentric art, then use cardboard, wood and oil pastels to craft your own unique circular piece.

Science: Mind the gap as you engineer an anchored straw bridge that’s long and strong enough to span an icy crevasse. Build a sled to haul your cargo, testing and reworking your design until it can lug its load securely down a bumpy mountainside.

Outdoors: Reach the pinnacle of frosty fun as you play a mountain-themed game of freeze tag. Use your trusty parachute to keep you safe on your climb, pitching a parachute tent and keeping your fellow Nebulas cozy underneath it.

Art: Learn how birds symbolize courage in Himalayan culture, then create your own fearless fowl art adorned with custom stamped symbols. Fashion a cozy winter hat embellished with patterned paper and insulated with furry flaps to keep you warm on your mountain trek.

Science: Create a personalized mini climber to test your Everest equipment, then use it to try out snow anchors and self-arrest tools of your own design. Collaborate with your fellow mountaineers to design a structurally sound shelter that can withstand the weight of an avalanche.

Outdoors: Keep an eye out for unwelcome Everest-dwellers in a round of snowball tag that pits climbers against snow monsters. Team up to find shelter in a rapidly disappearing collection of tents before a snowstorm blows into basecamp.

Art: Try your hand at puppetry as you craft a Nepalese-style character puppet. Use paper, clay and fabric to create a flexible figure with a decoupaged head, expressive features and strong, articulated arms. Decorate your creation with clothing, hair and handcrafted accessories.

Science: Harness the power of hydraulics to engineer a rescue robot. Build a sturdy, symmetrical frame with hinged arms and a system of tubes and syringes to power them. Design climbing tools and articulated devices to help your bot move up the mountain and save stranded climbers.

Outdoors: Find your footing in one of Everest’s icy rivers, working together with your team to stay safely afloat on fewer and fewer patches of solid ice. Make your side of the mountain spic and span as you compete to keep cast-off climber trash from landing in your space.

Deep Ocean Explorers

Uncover the mysteries of the Mariana Trench on a voyage to the planet’s deepest point. Craft art depicting extraordinary ocean dwellers from nudibranchs to basket stars to bioluminescent jellyfish. Engineer deep-sea exploration vessels and inventions inspired by octopus tentacles or coral creatures. Chart a course for innovation and take the plunge into an unforgettable underwater adventure.

Art: Take inspiration from the molluscs of Maug Lagoon as you sculpt your own brightly colored, uniquely featured nudibranch. Wiggle your artistic energy into a deep sea tube worm puppet, dipping, dyeing and tearing fabric to craft the cylindrical creature and its retractable plume.

Science: Engineer equipment for your ocean adventures. Use foam and toothpicks to build and test a cargo-bearing exploratory vessel that can stand up to rough seas, with a sturdy hinged grabber designed to pick up seafloor specimens.

Outdoors: Keep your head (and body) above water as you hop from island to island without getting caught by a circling shark. Work in boat-and-captain pairs to sail through a sea-themed obstacle course as fast as the waves will carry you.

Art: Peek through your porthole to create a layered underwater scene from the shallowest ocean reefs to the bottom of the Mariana trench, complete with painted depth gradients, a textured environment and stenciled sea creatures. Collaborate with your fellow ocean explorers to mold, dye and detail a multi-branched, spiral-tendrilled basket star.

Science: Investigate the coral reefs of the Mariana Islands and then build your own, using paper folding and taping techniques to model the size, structure and strength of the real thing. Engineer a jellyfish that travels like the Velella—the “by-the-wind sailor” that travels on the ocean’s surface by tilting its sail into the wind.

Outdoors: Right your ship and find your way back to port by navigating the correct course through the ocean without making a wrong move. Transform into a shark and work alongside your team to swim away from fisherman trying to trap you in their tank.

Art: Create illuminated art in undersea style with a bioluminescent jellyfish lamp. Craft your jellyfish’s 3D bell shade from paper, covering it vibrant, paper mache to make a translucent shade. Attach an array of spiral-cut, folded, braided or finger-knit tentacles and finish it with festive fairy lights.

Science: Build a seaworthy recreation of the Okeanos Explorer research vessel. Construct a watertight hull to carry your cargo and a swiveling crane that can transport a submersible from ship deck to sea floor. Fine-tune and reinforce your buoyant boat to move steadily through simulated waves.

Outdoors: Set sail for the great outdoors, collaborating with your Supernova shipmates to stay safe and dry inside a swiftly shrinking lifeboat. Follow your captain’s ocean-themed orders on the double as you row through a rapid round of Shipwreck.